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Cute Clothespin Dolls

Kids can make these cute Clothespin Dolls as their favorite play toy or as a decoration for Mom’s favorite potted plant. They can copy the dolls pictured, feature family and friends or create someone from their imagination. There is no wrong or right way. Check out your Dollar Store for the clothespins.

Trivia: Though probably first used many years earlier, the first wooden clothespin, that like we use today, was invented and patented in the 1800s by Jérémie Victor Opdebec.


Six no-roll clothespins
American Acrylic Colors pictured
DAO1 - Snow (Titanium) White
DAO3 - Buttermilk
DAO44 - Desert Turquoise
DAO65 - Dark Chocolate
DA151 - Royal Fuchsia (semi-opaque)
DA159 - Cherry Red (semi-opaque)
DA161 - Graphite
DA227 - Bright Yellow (transparent)
DA275 - Sour Apple (semi-opaque)
#16 filbert brush
#10 filbert brush
0 script/liner brush
Water container
Palette or plastic plate
Paper towels
Tracing and transfer paper
Ballpoint pen


Note: Allow to dry between painting steps.

1. Paint all six clothespins using Buttermilk or skin tone of your choosing.

2. Copy pattern for clothespins onto tracing paper. Center tracing paper on clothespins. Using ballpoint pen, go over pattern on canvas with graphite transfer paper underneath.

3. Using Desert Turquoise, paint shorts on doll #3 and #4. (See diagram for color placement; dolls are numbered left to right.)

4. Using Bright Yellow, paint top and bottom of bathing suit on doll #5 and top of doll #4.

5. Using Cherry Red, paint top on doll #3 and bathing suit of doll #2.

6. Using Royal Fuchsia, paint top and bottom of doll #6.

7. Using Sour Apple, paint bathing suit of doll #1.

8. Using Snow White, outline edge of bathing suit on doll #5. Place vertical stripes on doll #6. Paint vertical stripe across middle of bathing suit and paint dots on top half of bathing suit on doll #1. Paint dots on bathing suit of doll #2.

9. Using Graphite, paint dots for eyes of all dolls. Paint hair on doll #3 and #5. Paint pockets and button on shorts of doll #3.

10. Using Bright Yellow, paint hair on doll #1 and #6. Paint dots for buttons on shorts on doll #4.

11. Using Dark Chocolate, paint hair on doll #2 and #4.

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Image of Cute Clothespin Dolls


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