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Craftstick Wishing Well

Have fun at your next party with this Craftstick Wishing Well. You can make them as favors or part of the centerpiece.


Mini Craft Sticks2 Regular Craft SticksRecycled Shipping TubeCardboardRubber BandAcrylic Paint and BrushCraft GlueScissorsLace, Ribbon or Trim


Cut a 2” piece off a cardboard tube. Cover with a thin coat of white glue. Place mini craft sticks all around lining up the bottoms with the edge of the tube. Place a rubber band around it to hold sticks in place as they dry.

Glue to regular craft stick inside the tube to support the roof.

Cut a piece of cardboard for the roof. Fold in half. Coat it with a thin coat of craft glue. Place a row of mini craft sticks on both sides of the fold. Let dry.

Paint all pieces on all sides. Let dry.

Glue roof to supporting pieces.

Glue on ribbon or trim to decorate.

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