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Claypot Turkey

Popular scrapbook papers are used to make this Turkey’s feathers. This cute decoration will also keep your room freshly scented as a Renuzit® Adjustable Air Freshener is tucked under the turkey !


The Dial Corporation Renuzit® LongLast® Adjustable Air Freshener*
STYROFOAM® Brand Foam Balls*: One each, 2" and 4"
Clay pot: 4 5/8" diameter, 4 1/2" high
Jumbo Woodsies®*: Five XL Teardrops (1 3/8" x 2 1/2")
Woodsies®*: Two medium Teardrops (5/8" x 1 1/2")
Scrapbook Papers:
Burgundy: 3" x 4" piece
Orange linen, brown variegated, tan with speckles, green: 2" x 3" piece each color
Acrylic Paint*: Milk Chocolate, Cadmium Yellow, Toffee, Antique Green
Two, 6mm, Half Round Black Beads
4" cardboard circle
Six fall-colored silk leaves
Acorns, nuts, small bunch burgundy berries


CLAY POT: Paint clay pot with Toffee. Let dry. Repeat for a second coat of paint. Place a small amount of Milk Chocolate paint onto paper plate. Moisten sea sponge with water and squeeze to remove excess water. Dip sponge into paint, sponge in unpainted area of paper plate to remove excess paint and sponge paint on clay pot. Let dry. Similarly sponge on Antique Green paint. Place opened Renuzit® Air Freshener in clay pot.

BODY: Use serrated knife to cut a 2 1/4" diameter circle from bottom of 4" foam ball and discard small piece of foam. Along flat bottom, using outer edges of 2 1/4" circle as a guide, use metal spoon to carve out inside of foam ball to fit over Renuzit®.
To form flat area for head placement, on side of foam ball, 3/4" from bottom edge, use serrated knife to remove a 1 1/2" diameter circle of foam.
To form area for feather placement, using serrated knife, cut a groove 1/4" deep in the center of ball from side to side, leaving 1 3/4" from bottom edge of foam ball uncut on each side.

HEAD: Cut 2" foam ball in half and discard one piece. Use glue gun to glue foam ball half (head) to flat area on 4" foam ball. Place foam balls on Renuzit® in clay pot. If needed, using knife, trim away small amount at bottom of head until turkey fits edge of pot. Remove turkey from clay pot and paint with Milk Chocolate. Let dry. Repeat with a second coat of paint.
For beak, paint medium Woodsies® Cadmium Yellow. Let dry. For each Woodsie®, measure 1 1/8" from pointed end and make a mark. Using craft snips, cut on the mark, cutting away rounded end of Woodsie®. Using knife, make a slit in head where beak should be placed. To form beak, position and glue two Woodsies® into slit with 1/4" space between pointed ends of beak.
For eyes, glue the flat sides of beads to head.

For wattle, from burgundy paper, cut two 1" x 3" pieces and glue together (with printed sides out). Let dry. Trace wattle pattern onto paper and cut out. Glue one end of wattle to turkey under beak. Gently curve wattle to give dimension.

FEATHERS: On each Jumbo Woodsie® measure from pointed end 2 3/8" and make a mark. Using craft snips, cut on the mark, cutting away rounded end of Woodsie®. Apply craft stick glue to one side of Jumbo Woodsie® and press onto back (unprinted side) of scrapbook paper. Let dry. Cut along outside edges of Woodsie®. (Optional: Glue scrapbook paper on both sides of Woodsies®) Repeat for remaining four Wooodsies® using a different paper for each. Starting in center, use hot glue to glue Woodsie® into slit on body. Place turkey on Renuzit®.

LEAF BASE: Aligning back edges, hot glue clay pot to cardboard circle. Arrange and glue leaves, acorns, nuts and berries to cardboard.

Place turkey on Renuzit® in clay pot.

GEL REPLACEMENT : When gel is depleted, replace with a new Renuzit® Air Freshener.

This project is reprinted courtesy of Renuzit made by the Dow Corporation.

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