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Cathedral Window Paper Quilt

Design a paper quilt that looks like a cathedral window. You can use it for a card or wall decoration. Inspiration for the cathedral window quilt pattern comes from the stained glass windows portraying Early Christian traditions. The word cathedral takes its name from the word ‘cathedra’ meaning ‘bishop’s throne’. The earliest cathedrals date back to the Roman Empire.


2 sheets watercolor paper, 80 lb. cold pressed
Elmer’s ® All Purpose Glue Stick 
Watercolors and brush
Coarse salt


Click on Printables and use pattern or draw nine 2 5/8” circles using a compass or circle template. Cut out the 1 7/8” square pattern. Place inside circle, aligning corners. Trace around the square pattern.

Align a ruler or straight edge tool over one straight line of square. Run the stylus along the edge of the ruler scoring a fold line.

Paint watercolor inside the paper square. Sprinkle salt on the wet paint. Paint each square in selected color. Add salt on wet paint, one square at a time. Allow paint to dry completely. The salt crystals will absorb the surrounding paint moisture creating small star patterns on the watercolor surface.


When the painted surface is dry, brush away salt. Cut out circles. Apply glue stick on the white circle edges, next to the painted surface. Fold the circle edges along the scored fold line and over the painted surface. Fold nine circles into squares.


Cut out scalloped quilt base or square quilt base from watercolor paper using pattern below. Glue three rows of the folded squares on the quilt base. Align and glue each folded edge of the square next to the last square. Cut out quilt base edge.


This craft is reprinted courtesy of Hands On Crafts For Kids.

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Image of Cathedral Window Paper Quilt


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