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Cardboard Tube Lion

Kids can make a whole jungle full of cardboard tube animals for lots of craft playtime fun.


Paper cups (one per animal)
Cardboard rolls (one per animal)
Paint and brushes
Hole punch
Pipecleaner (one per animal)
Permanent marker


Paint the outside of a small paper paper cup using brown and yellow paint. Then paint the cardboard roll in the same colour.

Once the paint is dry, cut around the base of the paper cup about an inch from the bottom.

Then cut slits around the cup and fold them up to form a mane.

Draw on facial features using a permanent marker.

Punch four holes in the cardboard roll where you want the legs to go. Cut a pipecleaner in half, then thread each half through two holes to form the front and back legs. Tape the legs securely in place on the inside of the roll.

Wrap wool around the cardboard roll, to give the lion some fuzz and texture. Then tape on a length of wool to form a tail.

Carefully glue or tape the head to the body.

NOTE: Use the same technique to make an elephant, leopard or a tiger. Simply use different coloured paint (and wool) and cut ears from the paper cup instead of a mane.

This craft reprinted courtesy of KidsCraftWeekly.

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