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Button Hair Accessories

Getting dressed is even more fun when kids make these Button  Hair Accessories to match each of their outfits. They can be simple or more exotic depending on the buttons you select.

Trivia; In America, buttons were used for trading with the Indians.


1/4" wide elastic headbands, 3 bands
Favoite Findings Ocean #434, 1 bag
Confetti button #3203, 1 card
Glass e-beads, turquoise
Needle and thread to match

Button Barrette:

4" metal barrette
Glass e-beads, turquoise
Favoite Findings Citrus #426, 1 bag
Confetti button #3220, 1 card
Ribbon scrap
22 gauge wire
Wire cutter
Needle nose pliers


Steps for Headband:

Center Confetti button on one headband and stitch in place with needle and thread with an e-bead in center of button. Stitch in place, and carefully knot on back.
Stitch 4 stacks of 2 or 3 smaller buttons - also with beads at the center of either side of the large button as above. Alternate button colors and stacks. Repeat with 4 stacks on the other side of the large button.

On a second headband, stitch 5 stacks of smaller buttons as before. Repeat with 5 stacks on a third headband.

Steps for Barrette:

Glue a small piece of coordinating ribbon to top of barrette.

Cut 9 pieces of wire 6" long. Thread the wire up through one hole of a Confetti button, two smaller stacked buttons, then through a bead. Thread the wire down through the buttons to the back. Even out both ends of the wire and twist at the back of the button to secure.

Repeat step 2 on each 8 sets of smaller stacked buttons alternating colors.

Wrap the wire ends of large button stack around the barrette in the center, and twist the wire ends together under the button. Cut the twisted wires to about a half inch, and curl the ends up under the button with the pliers.

Repeat step 4 with the small button stacks, arranging 4 stacks on either side of the center button to cover the barrette.

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