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Buddy Ball

When the kids get cabin fever have them construct a buddy ball for their best friend!


Elmer's Washable School Glue™
Construction Paper
Tracing Paper


1.Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard. The circle should be about the size of the bottom of a soda can. (Trace around a soda can if you desire.) Draw a triangle inside of the circle. Make sure that the three points of the triangle are touching the perimeter of the circle. All lines of the triangle should be equal.

2.Trace the circle onto a sheet of tracing paper for a pattern. Cut out the pattern. Make sure yu cut out the circle but not the triangle. The triangle will guide you when it is time to fold.

3.Trace twenty circles on sheets of different-colored construction paper. (You do not need to draw the triangle lines.) Cut out the circles.

4.Place the tracing-paper circle on a construction-paper circle. Fold the construction paper and the tracing paper along the triangle lines. Repeat for each of the twenty circles.

5.Write a word to describe your best friend on each circle. Examples include funny, honest, smart, and kind.

6.Begin gluing the folds of the circles together. Join the sides so that the inner triangles point toward the center. It takes five triangles glued together to form a complete section of the ball. Do the same with another five triangles. This will be the top and the bottom of the ball.

7.Glue the remaining ten circles together in a row. Glue the row around the base of the top portion of the ball.

8.Write your friend a secret note. Sign your name and date it. Place the note inside of the completed portion of the ball.

9.Glue the bottom section of the ball to the rest of the ball. Let the glue dry completely.

10.Give the ball to your best friend. Agree to read the note at a later date!

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Elmers.com.

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