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Bubble Wrap Jellyfish

Recycled materials make some of the most interesting crafts. This Bubble Wrap Jellyfish Mobile is fun and also a good lesson in recycling.


Plastic (bottle, cup, rounded packaging)
Bubble wrap or clear plastic bag


Start out by finding some kind of round plastic container. This can be a variety of things. In our photo here, we used an apple container. You can also use the bottom of a plastic water bottle, or a plastic cup turned upside down. Trim down your plastic piece to make the jellyfish’s body.

Cut out the tentacles!

The next step is to cut out strips of bubble wrap. We put on eight strips for each jellyfish. If you don’t have bubble wrap then a plastic grocery bag will work just fine.

Attach your tentacles!
Now you can start to glue on your tentacles! Just dab a little bit of glue onto your body and attach the ends of your bubble wrap strips. Make sure to give each piece time to dry.

Make Jelly Brains!

Next up is putting your cotton “Jelly Brains” in. I just flattened out a single cotton ball and taped it into the body. You can also poke a hole through the plastic and run a string through the cotton and body piece. This way you can hang your jellyfish up later.

Add goofy eyes!

The final step is putting on some silly eyes. We cut out some circles from paper and glued them on. This will give your jellyfish a lot of character.

Hang up your jellyfish!

Voila! Your Plastic Container Jellyfish is complete. Now you can hang up your jellyfish and watch it “swim” in the wind!

Make a mobile!

We made a whole school of jellyfish and put them on a mobile. This is a great group project!

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