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Boy Scout Window Hanger

Boy Scouting is over 100 years old. Make this Scout Window Hanger and hang it in your car or house window. Let everyone know there’s a scout inside!


Green Fleur-de-Lis Pattern
Tan Fleur-de-Lis Pattern
Red Fleur-de-Lis Pattern
Green, Tan, and Red Craft Foam
Low Temp Glue Gun
1-5/8" Suction Cup with Hook
Hole Punch


Click on Printables and print Green Fleur-de-Lis Pattern, Tan Fleur-de-Lis Pattern, Red Fleur-de-Lis Pattern.

Staple patterns to foam and cut out.

Assemble and glue pieces using picture above as a guide.

Punch hole near the top.

Insert suction cup. Moisten suction cup and hang from window.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Terri of MakingFriends.com.

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Image of Boy Scout Window Hanger


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