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ArtistsTrading Cards

Kids can create Artist Trading Cards to trade with their friends, and if they reuse and recycle materials to make them, they’ll help save natural resources, energy, and landfill space.


Card Strock 2.5" x 3.5"

Any combination of the following or other materials


Brown bags
Decorative sacks

Plastic (white)

Gift wrap
Mat board

Color comics
Wallpaper samples

Art paper
Greeting cards

Used postage stamps
Marbled paper

Art calendar pages
Watercolor paper

Construction paper
Wire Ribbon
Yarn Foil
Buttons Beads



Paint (if you wish)



First, you must create the art on a card that measures 2.5" x 3.5" or 64 mm x 89 mm. Secondly, the cards are to be traded only, never bought and sold.

Be Creative in your own way. These cards are meant to express you.

When you've completed each card, print or write your name and contact information on the back of the art. You may include the date and title of the piece, too. For privacy reasons, print only your first name and last initial, and include your grade and the name of your school instead of listing your home address.

For more information about art elements and ATC's check out The Imagination Factory Art Lesson 78. 

This project is reprinted courtesy of The Imagination Factory and makes a great project for camp.

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The Imagination Factory

Listed by the American Library Association as one of the best online resources for kids, The Imagination Factory shows visitors how to make art using materials most people throw away. Some of the activities include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, papier-mâché, marbling and crafts, and a special section for holiday art and crafts is featured. A Trash Matcher helps visitors find appropriate art activities for the solid waste they have available, and a feature called the Badge Matcher allows Brownies, Girl Scouts and their leaders to quickly locate art activities that help satisfy badge requirements.

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