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3-D Paper Leaf

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when the colors of the season are brilliant reds, oranges, golds and browns on the trees like those in this 3-D Paper Leaf. Enjoy capturing the colors by making your own brightly colored leaf decoration.

Trivia: One of the visible signs of fall is the changing color of the leaves. This happens because photosynthesis stops during this period so leaves do not stay green.


Construction paper in brown, red, orange, or yellow
sewing thread
matching leaf
sewing needle
piece of foam
paper clip


Put thee pieces of paper together and cut out 3 identical shapes and hold them together with a paper clip.

Mark the center line lightly and punch holes at about 1/4 inch intervals.

Knot a sewing thread to the top of the shape and sew a straight stitch down the line. Continue sewing until you reach the bottom of the shape.

Remove the paper clip and open the figure until all 6 sides are even.

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Image of 3 D Paper Leaf


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