Mother’s Day Word Puzzles

Printable Mother's Day Word Puzzles

Give the kids something to do with these Mother’s Day word puzzles created by the FreeKidsCrafts team while Mom takes some time for herself.


Puzzles increase the production of dopamine, a chemical that regulates mood, memory, and concentration. Dopamine is released with every success as we solve the puzzle. Source: Progress Lifeline – The benefit of puzzles for the brain

  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils
  1. Print out as many copies of the word puzzles as you need for each child.
  2. Set them up in a comfortable writing space and turn them loose to have fun solving each puzzle and coloring the pictures. You may have to guide the youngest participants in solving the different puzzles, but let the older ones find their way.
Patterns, Templates and Printables

Click on a pattern to open it in a new window to print in the correct size


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