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Woven Key Rings

These Woven Keyrings are a great craft for Camp activity for both boys and girls. The lesson in weaving will stay with them for other projects.


Key Ring 

3 Yards of Flat Cord


Cut two 54". pieces of flat cord. Pull  them through a key ring to the center of the cord. Cross the cords holding them perpendicular to each other. (fig. A).
Fold strand 1 to opposite side leaving a small loop; (fig. B). Fold strand 3 to opposite side leaving a small loop. Hold strands in place with one hand.  

With your other hand, weave strand 2 over strand 3 and under strand 1. Weave strand 4 over strand 1 and under strand 3; (fig. C) Pull tightly. Continue until you have about 4" braid. Tie off securely and trim.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of MakingFriends.com.

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