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Wild and Wicked Witch

Are you captivated by magic, wizards, spells, or witches? This mask will transform you into a wild and wicked witch!


Several Craft Sticks

Colored Construction Paper

Black Paper






To begin take several craft sticks and tape them together end to end to create a longer craft stick. This will be the holder for your mask.

Next using the the templates at the address below or your own imagination, cut out a wicked witch face and wild witch hat. Cut the large witch face out of your colored construction paper. Use whatever color you wish- maybe green- you decide! Be sure to cut out an eye for you to peer through the mask. Use the picture as a guide.

Next cut out a large and wild witch hat from your black construction paper. If you want you could also create wild witch hair for your mask. To create hair, fringe a rectangular piece of construction paper to make it look witch hair. Attach it to the underside of the wild witch hat so that it sticks out and frames the witch's face.

Next tape or glue the witch's hat to the witch's head.

Next tape or glue the craft stick mask holder to the backside of the witch's mask. Be sure leave enough of the craft stick holder stick out at the bottom to hold onto.

Decorate your wild wicked witch mask further with crayons and wear it with style! Add a spider, some cobwebs, witch warts, and more!

This craft reprinted courtesy of thebestkidsbooksite.com.

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