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What’s Your Dream Craft

What’s Your Dream Craft encourages children of all races and religions to realize that dreams and aspirations come to everyone.  Some will realize that some of their dreams are the same as their friends and some of their “not so friends”. often we have dreams that make us the same as others just with our own individual twists.




Construction paper
Magnetic sheets (found at a craft supply store)
Sheet of paper


Have your child take a moment and think about what they want to "be" when they grow up and how they hope to be living. Ask them to imagine what type of achievements they hope to have accomplished. Do they hope to go to a particular school? Play in a certain sports tournament? Encourage them to create a list of all of the goals and dreams most important to them.

Help them cut out small "thought bubble"-shaped clouds from the construction paper; remind them that they will want to cut out one bubble for each goal that they have written out. They can make the clouds out of white paper or cut them out paper of each color of the rainbow; the choice is theirs!

Once your child has cut out one cloud for each goal, ask them to talk about a few of their dreams. If unable to do it for  themself, take over and write one on each cloud.

Help them to carefully cut strips off of the magnetic sheets. These are usually self-adhesive on the back, so they will just need to peel off the paper backing and stick one to the back of each cloud.

Once each bubble has a magnetic strip attached, allow your child to hang their goals up on the fridge and share their visions for the future with those passing by.

Invite your little one to change or add to their"dream clouds" as their plans and goals for the future develop over time.

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