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Valentine Felt Owl

This Valentine Felt Owl is a great beginning sewing project and delightful Valentine craft for kids to make to hold candy or a small pad and pencil.  You can make them in all different colors.

Trivia: In early Indian folklore, Owls represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy.


Assorted colors of felt
Needle and thread
Heart Beads
Construction paper or cardstock
Safety pins


Click on Printables and print out the owl pattern. Decide what colors you want your owl to be and using pattern, cut out all pieces. Take one body piece for the front and sew on all pieces. If using the head feather, sew that on first. Then sew on eye pads. Pick 2 buttons for eyes and sew one onto each eye pad. Sew a heart bead on for a nose. Sew on tummy piece.

Put both body pieces together. Lay wings in place in between along dotted line shown on pattern and pin owl together. Starting at the corner top side of an ear, stitch owl together. LEAVE TOP OPEN.

If wanting to hang owl, cut a strip from felt 3" by 1/4". Fold in half and sew onto the back about 1" down from the top. Be sure not to stitch through the front piece when sewing on the loop. Sew a button on the bottom of the loop, if desired. See photo.

Cut out a heart and decorate as desired. Punch 2 small holes at the top and write a saying on it. There are a few suggestions below. Attach heart to tummy using safety pin. Insert your candy or small pad and pencil.

I'll owl-ways luv u
I'll owl-ways B UR BFF
Whooo luvs u baby?
Guess Whooo?

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