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Turkey Favor Boxes

Turkey Favor Boxes complete the theme for a kids Thanksgiving party. Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the U.S. national bird. We chose the American Bald Eagle instead, but you’d never know it at Thanksgiving.


3.4 oz gelatine box
Acrylic paint – yellow and red
Washable School Glue
Fine point black marker
Woodsies- ovals- nine
Jumbo Woodsies – teardrops- one
Plastic lace, maroon, golden rod, red
Wiggle eyes- two
Hole punch


Cut off the top and top sides of a gelatine box. Paint the box and three ovals brown. Paint three ovals red and three yellow. Paint the teardrop half red and half yellow.

Outline all shapes and front of box with black marker. Attach wiggle eyes with glue.

Glue ovals and teardrop to box.

Cut plastic lace to four lengths of 12” each. Use one color for two strands. Group strands together in pairs and twist around each other.

Punch holes in sides of box and insert handle. Tie ends to secure.

This craft was designed by Melony Bradley and is reprinted courtesy of Hands on Crafts for Kids.

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