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Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet

This is a very simple, creative recycling project children will love. It’s very quick to make and fun for kids of all ages. The best part is it’s made with scraps most of us have around the house. 


Old magazines
Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll
White glue
Paint brush
Glitter & sequins


Small hole punch or large needle
Narrow ribbon (about 12″ or 30cm long)


Cut down the length of the paper roll.

Trim around to make rings in whatever width you like.

If you’d like to add a ribbon, use the small hole punch or a large needle to make holes in both ends of the roll at this stage.

Take magazines and cut out strips of pictures. We used images from the garden sections of home magazines for some background pattern.

Next paint white glue on the back of a magazine strip, wrap and smooth it around the width of the paper ring and continue until it is completely covered

Cut around individual images for more detail and glue them on. My daughter used roses but any small pictures would work.

Add other bits, we used sequins and glitter but other items can be used like small beads or fake jewels (real ones might be pricey :)

Put another layer of white glue over the top of the bracelet to protect it, avoiding the sequins if you’ve used them.

If adding a ribbon, enlarge the holes as they may have got clogged with glue, thread a ribbon into both ends and tie a bow. Finished!

TIP: If this is all too girly looking for the boys out there try this: Use car, sports or travel magazines, cut out small images or use lettering to spell things out. You can also glue items like small Lego or tiny nuts and bolts. (see the first pic at top)

This craft was designed by Joanie who was an art director and graphic designer in Northern California and is reprinted courtesy of WhipUp.net.

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Image of Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet


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