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Tissue Paper Turkey

Kids love to make turkey crafts for Thanksgiving. We have designed this Tissue Paper Turkey so it can be done by pre-schoolers as well as older children. The difference will only be in the execution. Little crafters will probably have more loose paper balls, but they will love their turkeys just as much as the older children. Great for decorating the bulletin board or Mom’s refrigerator.


Turkey Pattern

Tissue paper in colors of your choosing

Tacky Glue

Wiggle Eyes



Paper Plate


Click on Printables and print out the turkey pattern. Cut out.

Lay pattern face up on newspaper to protect your surface.

Pour a small pool of glue on the paper plate.

Cut tissue paper in squares about 1- 2 inches. They don't have to be perfect, but should be around the same size.

Crumple tissue into balls and dip in the glue. Place on the pattern and repeat until your Turkey is finished.

I find it is better to start with the small spaces like the beak etc first. That way they don't lose their shape.

When you are all through glue on your wiggle eyes. If you don't want to use wiggle eyes, you can make the eyes out of tissue paper too. I just thought it added a little character to our Turkey.


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