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Sock Kitty

These little critters will become favorite pets in no time. This is a fun and and a wonderful keepsake for kids of all ages. The socks can come from a mismated pair or a dollar store find.


One sock per kitty (tube or ankle style depending on how big you want the kitty)
Craft glue or needle and thread
Fabric markers, felt or foam scraps
Empty pill bottle
Beans or rice
Embrodery thread
Cotton batting


Turn sock inside out and lay the heel to the back. Cut a U shape out of the top of the sock. Glue with fabric glue...or if your impatient like we were, you can sew it. This will be the ears.

Turn the sock right side out once the glue dries. Push the ears out with your fingers so they are pointy. Fill the ears with cotton batting and then fill the face area. Small bunches at a time seem to work best.

If you are adding the rattle part then the next step is to add the beans/rice to the pill bottle and glue the lid shut. Place the bottle in the cat body and put stuffing around it.

Continue to fill the cat to the point just past the heel. Use a rubber band to tie it off. Cut the part hanging down into 3 sections and braid it for the tail. Tie off with embrodery thread.

Using the fabric markers, felt or foam decorate your kitty's face. Make a collar out of embrodery thread.

This craft was designed by by Becky of Moriah, NY and reprinted courtesy of KidsCraftyCreations.com.

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