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Runny Masterpiece

Each project is a new and unique masterpiece that can be used as refrigerator art or matted and presented to friends and family. You never know you might have a future Pollock in the family.


Paint, various colors of your choice



Paint brush


Start by watering the paint down into a runny consistancy.

Place small droplets of color on the cardstock and immediately tilt and turn the board so that the paint runs in random patterns.  Start with a small number of droplets and add as many more as the young artist enjoys.

It might be a good time to purchase a color wheel and explain complementary and coordinating colors.

Let dry.

Frame with a mat and display the finished product with pride.

This project is reprinted courtesy of PuttiPrapancha.com

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Image of Runny Masterpiece


Image of Putti Prapancha
Putti Prapancha

Roopa Shri Mother of a loving little preschool girl, Putti who is the inspiration and very reason to start her blog - Putti Prapancha. It is the place where she share all her fun activities and creative play.

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