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Reindeer Garden Glove

Sooooo cute! This adorable reindeer is make from an ordinary glove! Kids will enjoy this reindeer long after craft time is over.


Two Wiggle Eyes -- 15mm
Two Brown Pipe Cleaner
1/2" Red Pompom
Tacky Glue, Low Temp Glue Gun
Misc Buttons
Black Marker
Hole Punch


Stuff glove with fiberfill pushing the filling up into the index finger and the ring finger.


Push the middle finger down inside the glove and glue.


Fold wrist up and outward twice and glue.


Fold and glue the thumb and pinky down to make ears.


Glue on pompom for nose or cut a 1-1/2" circle from felt.


Make a running stitch all around the outside of the circle and pull tight stuffing with fiberfill. Glue or stitch in place.


Cut hemp into pieces and fray. Glue on top of reindeer for hair.


Draw on mouth. Glue on wiggle eyes.


Cut pipe cleaners in half. Twist and wrap around fingers to make antlers.


Wrap and glue scarf in place.


Use a small brush to blush cheeks.


Glue on four buttons on antlers and one on scarf.


This craft reprinted courtesy of Terri at MakingFriends.com.

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Image of Reindeer Garden Glove


Image of Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com
Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com

Terri is the creator of makingfriends.com, freekidscrafts.com, scoutswaps.com and badginabag.com. Her work is republished all over the internet and is considered the queen of kids crafts.

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