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Rattlesnake Wooden Spoon

Don’t get too close, this Rattlesnake Wooden Spoon may bite, but I don’t think so. If Mom won’t give up her wooden spool, you may be able to find one at the Dollar Store.

Trivia: The longest rattlesnake on average is the eastern diamond back, it is the longest and heaviest rattlesnake. they usually average lengths of 3.5 to 6 feet in length. They are however capable of growing over 7 feet but this is rare but has been documented


Wooden Spoon
Large Google Eyes
Red Felt
White paper scraps
Green Acrylic craft paint
Black marker
Low temp glue gun


Paint spoon green on both sides.

Decorate by adding scales with a black marker.

Glue Google eyes to the head of the spoon.

Cut two small fang teeth out of white paper.

Glue to the underside of the spoon.

Cut a small piece of red felt to simulate the tongue.

Glue to the underside of the spoon.

Add eyelashes and nostrils with a black marker.

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