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Pumpkin Magnet

Make this cheerful pumpkin to hold your refrigerater notes for Halloween.


Orange Rainbow Classic Foam

Kelly Green Rainbow Classic Foam

Gold Rainbow Classic Foam

Fabric glue or hot glue and gun

Craft wire



Needle and thread

Black embroidery floss

Black beads

1/2" magnet

Polyester fiberfill 


Click on Printables,  and print out Pumpkin Pattern. Enlarge 200% on copy machine.   Cut two pumpkin heads from orange felt.

Sew or glue two black beads on one piece of the pumpkin for the eyes.

Cut a 3" piece of craft wire. Attach one black bead to each end and twist the ends in a circle to secure. Twist the wire until satisfied to form mouth. Stitch or glue wire mouth to felt.

Join front piece of felt to secon piece. Starting at the top, stitch large running stitches or blanket stitches 1/8" from edges with the black embroidery thread. Leave an opening to stuff with plyester fiberfill. Glue or stitch stem and leaf. Finish stitching to close.

Glue a triangle piece of felt on the face for a nose. Twist some craft wire for vines and secure to top with a stitch.

Glue a magnet to the back. 

For a matching Ghost Magnet click here.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of the Kunin Group.

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The Kunin Group

The Kunin Group, a division of Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC, supplies a wide range of premium quality felt and fabrics to the worlds craft industry. Packaged for retail display, Kunin products are sold in retail outlets worldwide. All Kunin fabrics are made with Ecospun, the high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. We are a green company as we spin the polyester fiber we use.

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