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Printable Seder Plate

Teach your children or students about the tradition of passover with a printable seder plate.  This is an encore craft where we bring you the best crafts from previous years.

The six items on the Seder Plate are:

Maror and Chazeret: two types of bitter herbs. For maror, many people use freshly grated horseradish. Chazeret is typically romaine lettuce.

Haroset: A sweet, brown pebbly mixture.

Karpas: A vegetable other than bitter herbs, usually parsley, but sometimes celery

Z’roa: A roasted shank bone which represented the sacraficed lamb.

Reitrah: A roasted egg



Markers or Crayons



Click on Printables to print the plate and the foods. Color and cut the foods out and glue to the plate.

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