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Pot Holder Scissors Pouch

This project can be used as a starting point for teaching young people some sewing basics.


1. 1 Potholder ­ in a solid color fabric, in a square shape and with the loop of the potholder attached at a corner

2. 1 pair Scissors

3. Sewing thread to match the color of the Potholder

4. Needle for sewing thread

5. Watercolours Thread in your choice of 2 or 3 different colors ­ about 1 yard of each color

6. Needle, which 1 strand (1 ply) of Watercolours thread will fit through

7. Straight pins


Step 1. Place the potholder, good side up, on a flat surface, with the loop at the top, so that the potholder has a diamond shape, rather than a square shape, when looking down at it.

Step 2. Take the left hand corner of the potholder and fold it over toward the center of the potholder. Pretend there is an imaginary line going straight down the center of the diamond shape from the loop at the top to the bottom corner. Fold over the left corner of the potholder so that it is even with this imaginary line running from top to bottom.

Step 3. Pin the folded over fabric of the potholder a few inches in from the edge to hold it in place.

Step 4. Repeat Step 2 (but in reverse) folding over the right corner of the potholder toward the center, until it lines up with the imaginary line from the top loop of the potholder to the bottom corner. Butt the edge of the right side of the potholder up against the edge of the potholder from the left side. Pin the right side in place. (If the sides don't match up evenly, take out the pins and readjust them as necessary.)

Step 5. Once both sides are in place, check that they are both pretty even. DO NOT overlap the edges of one side over the other, but just pin them together so they both meet in a line down the center. This should result in a cone shaped "pocket" or "pouch," with the pointy end at the bottom and the loop of the potholder at the top.

This project is reprinted courtesy of The Caron Collection.

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