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Popcorn Paper BagTurkey

Thanksgiving is almost here so get the kids into the spirit as they make their own “ready to eat” turkey from lunch bags and popcorn.


3 lunch size brown paper bags
Popcorn, or something to stuff turkey with
White paper


Fill one lunch bag 3/4 full of popcorn

Fold the end and glue underneath

Crumple the corners to round out the body.

Fill the two other lunch bags with about a cup of popcorn.

Twist the end and crumple the corners again to round out your drumsticks.
Cut off the excess bag and tape in place.

Create dressings for the legs, from white paper. Attach these to each leg.
Glue the legs onto the body.

For more detailed instructions and great step by step pictures check out www.easy-crafts-for-kids.com/thanksgiving-crafts-for-kids.html

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