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Patriotic Mobile

Hang this Patriotic Mobile inside or out to show how proud you are to be an American on any patriotic holiday.


Pacon® SunWorks™ construction paper – red, white, blue
4” Recycled clear plastic coffee can lid
Fiskars® Hand punch – 1/16” circle, star
Fiskars® Paper edgers - wave
White thread
Patterned paper – blue stars
Beacon™ Zip Dry™ paper glue


1. Cut random width strips lengthwise from red paper, using wave paper edgers. Glue strips lengthwise to white paper with random spacing between them. Click on Printables and tace and cut six hearts from red and white striped paper. Cut three more hearts slightly larger than pattern from blue paper, using wave paper edgers. Glue a red and white heart to both sides of each of the blue hearts.

2. Click on Printables and trace and cut six blue stars. Cut three stars slightly larger than pattern from red paper, using wave paper edgers. Glue a blue star to both sides of each of the red stars.

3. Punch 6 evenly spaced 1/16” holes around top edge of plastic lid. Punch a 1/16” hole in the center top of each heart and star. Cut thread to the following lengths: 4”, 5-1/2”, 7”, 8-1/2”, 10” and 11-1/2”. Insert pieces of thread into hole in top of lid, going in order from the shortest to the longest and knot around the edge of the lid to secure. Insert and knot the ends of the thread pieces into the holes in the hearts and stars, going from the shortest thread to the longest thread, alternating hearts and stars.

4. Cut three 12” pieces of thread for the top of the lid. Insert a piece of thread in every other hole in the lid. Bring all the ends together and make a knot at the center top of the lid. Cut a piece of thread twice as long as the length needed for hanger. Attach center of hanger to knotted ends of thread at the top of lid and then knot hanger ends together.

5. Cut a ¾” x 13-1/2” strip of white paper and a ¼” x 13-1/2” strip of red paper with wave paper edgers. Glue red strip to center of white strip. Glue white strip around the side of the lid, overlapping ends. Let dry. Punch stars from blue paper and glue them randomly around red and white strip on lid.

1. Use patterned blue star paper for the large star shapes instead of solid blue paper.

This project is reprinted courtesy of Hands On Crafts For Kids.

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