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Paper Plate Stegosaurus

A simple dinosaur craft for younger children to make and paint.


Paper plate
Green and yellow paint
Strip of green card
Glue (or stapler)


Paint the middle of your plate and the lower half of the rim green. Paint the top half of the rim in yellow or your preferred other colour. Leave to dry.

Using the photos as a guide, cut out the head, legs and the start of the tail out of the green-painted section of the plate. Do not cut into the flat part of the plate.

Now, using our photos as a guide, cut into the yellow rim to form the spikes. Again, do not cut into the centre of the plate. Save the scraps of yellow!

Cut a tail from the green card, and stick to your plate. Use the yellow scraps that you cut off the plate to add spikes to the tail.

Draw on a face.

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