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Paper Plate Fish

This Fish is a craft that kids can make very easily using a paper plate. Each creation will be unique to its little artist.


One round paper or plastic plate.
Some felt pens or crayons to colour it in. Or you can use decorative paper to make it more attractive. You will need glue if you use this method.
Some coloured paper for the tail.
Stapler and Glue.
Plastic eye (this is optional).
Scissors (do be careful with scissors around children and let them know the safety issues with them and always be there to supervise when they are being used).


Cut a triangle shape to form a mouth (this piece can also be used for the tail).

Colour the fish in with felt pens or crayons or decorate it with paper and glue.

Cut a triangle shape of paper for the tail and stick it or staple it on.

Draw an eye or use a plastic eye which can be purchased from a toy or craft store.

You're done and you have a beautiful fish

This craft reprinted courtesy of ChildLearningSupport.com.

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