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Paper Kinara

Light up the spirit of Kwaanzza with your own paper kinara.


Construction paper (yellow, green, red, black, brown, and orange)


First take a piece of brown construction paper and draw a simple kinara and cut it out. Glue it onto a piece of orange construction paper.

Next cut out three red candle shapes, three green candle shapes, and one black candle shape and glue them onto the kinara. Above each candle cut out a candle shape.

Take a piece of yellow paper and tape it or glue it to the back of the orange piece of paper, leaving the left side open.

Now take another piece of orange construction paper and cut out a rectangle that is a little bit smaller than the first orange piece of paper. This is what you will pull back and forth to light your kinara candles.

Slide the smaller rectangle between the larger orange and yellow sheets and pull it slowly to the left to light the candles.

This craft reprinted courtesy of TheBestKidsBookSite.com.

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