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Paper Bag Animals

Just a few pennies worth of supplies and you can make a whole litter of Paper Bag Animals. These cute little creatures will put a smile of delight on the faces of the kids as they proudly display their creations to friends and family.

Trivia: Did you know that mixed breed dogs and cats like those available for adoption in animal shelters often make the best pets?


Lunch Bag
Wiggle Eyes -- 20mm
Tacky Glue
Old Newspaper


Cut the top 4" off a lunch bag.

Crumple up a piece of newspaper and place it in the bottom of the bag.

Folding in the sides and bringing the top together, cut out the shape of the head including the ears if making upright ears.

Glue together along the edge.

If making floppy ears, cut them out of scrap and paste along the top edge.

Draw on the animals face and other details.

Glue on wiggle eyes.

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Image of Paper Bag Animals


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