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Origami Ghost

Here we have a slightly more tricky ghost for kids who are beginning to master some origami techniques. You can vary the direction of the final folds if you make more than one ghost, so that each one has its own character!



Black Marker


Fold your square in half diagonally and crease carefully. Fold the sides in along the dotted lines ..see the photos below. Now fold the sides in again and it should look like the third photo below.

Now comes the tricky bit! Lift up that last fold and open it it as shown in the fourth photo below.

Pinch it back together again, to form a flap like you see in the fifth photo below.

Fold the flap up and crease it well.

Do the same on the other side. Be patient and keep trying- as you can see from the photo, our model got a bit crumpled - but the finished ghost will look great!

Flip over and fold the two sides in again. Crease well.

Turn the top point down.

Now begin to shape the tail by folding it up and to one side , as shown.

Flip over. Fold the ends of the flaps down to form hands (you can vary the angles slightly to give character).

Finally, fold the tail back down if you wish, and add your ghost's features.

This craft reprinted courtesy of ActivityVillage.co.uk

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