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Origami Blowfish

This is a whole new look at Origami. The full instructions and diagrams for this craft are contained on the printables page. Be sure to check out Joel’s definition of a valley fold and a mountain fold under the instructions.


Paper (color of your choosing)

Black Marker



In my instructions I use two terms that may be unfamiliar to those who've never done origami before -- valley-fold and mountain-fold. A valley-fold, indicated with a dash-dash line, is formed when you fold the paper toward you, creating a valley. A mountain-fold, indicated with a dash-dot-dot line, is formed when you fold the paper away from you, creating a mountain. An easy way to think about it is the following -- If you valley-fold a piece of paper and turn it over, it's now a mountain-fold.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Joel Stern Paper Works.

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Image of Origami Blowfish


Image of Joel Stern Paper Works
Joel Stern Paper Works

Ever since my childhood in Omaha, Nebraska, I've loved sharing origami and pop-ups with all age groups and in many settings--in camps, schools, community centers, libraries, and retirement homes. I've published three books of my own designs: Animated Origami Faces, models of human and animal faces with jaws that snap, eyes that open and shut, and ears that pop up (2007) Jewish Holiday Origami, designs for the Jewish holidays (2006) Washington Pops!, do-it-yourself pop-up cards of famous buildings in Washington, D.C. (1989)

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