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Native American Dance Fan

September 24th is Native American Day. Learn more about our Native American tribes and their customs. You can get started with making this Native American Dance Fan.


Tan Craft Foam
Foamie Shapes and/or Craft Foam Scraps
Two Jumbo Craft Sticks
One Yard #20 Hemp
Turkey Feathers
Tacky Glue
1/8" Hand Hole Punch


Click on Printables and cut two fans from pattern out

of tan craft foam.

Place one on your work surface and arrange feathers to stick out of the top. Glue in place.

Glue second fan piece on top.

Glue a jumbo craft stick to each side to make a handle, lining them up and gluing the bottoms together. Let dry. punch holes along both side of the handle and lace with a piece of hemp.

Decorate fan with foamie shapes or scraps.

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Image of Native American Dance Fan


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