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Mother’s Day Flower Card

You’ll be the flower of Mom’s eye with this fun and easy Mothers Day Flower Card from the FreeKidsCrafts. team.


3 Pieces of Copy Paper

1 Piece of Card Stock

Glue and/or Stapler



Old Toothbrush


Cup and/or Large Lid to Trace Around



Fan fold a piece of copy paper. Fold each fan in half. Crease. Trim the end into a curve to make a petal shape. Staple the long edge together where they meet. Repeat with two more pieces of copy paper. Line the three fans up as shown in diagram below. Staple long edges together of make the flower. Trace around a cup lid on your photo to make the flower center. Cut out. Print mother\'s day message. Cut out. Glue photo to inside. Glue to the center of the flower.

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Image of Mothers Day Flower Card


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The FreeKidsCrafts Team

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