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Mom’s Eyeglass Holder

March 10th is Mother’s Day in the UK so we thought we would provide a simple gift idea the kids can make.


Pot Holder
Needle and Thread
2' of Rat-tail Satin Cord
10 Yellow Pony Beads
1 White Pony Bead
Tacky Glue


Fold pot holder in half. Whip stitch around the outside just catching the edge of the binding. Leave one end open to slide in the eyeglasses.

To make the bead decoration:

1.  Coat ends of cord with glue. Let dry. String 6 yellow pony beads and slide to center of cord. 

2. Loop cord around and feed through bead 1 again. Tighten. 

3.  Referring to the diagram below, string 1white pony bead (shown as orange) and position it in the center of the flower. Feed cord back through bead 4 as shown. Tighten.

4.  Tie around loop on pot holder. Double knot.

5. Slide two beads on each end. Tie double knot to hold beads in place. Trim.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com

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Image of Moms Eyeglass Holder


Image of Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com
Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com

Terri is the creator of makingfriends.com, freekidscrafts.com, scoutswaps.com and badginabag.com. Her work is republished all over the internet and is considered the queen of kids crafts.

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