A new craft every day


Kids enjoy crafting with all kinds of materials. Take a look at these options and select a material that you may already have in the house to enjoy a day of crafting with your children.

Tissue Paper Panda Bear

Image of Tissue Paper Panda Bear

The Free Kids Crafts team has been hard at work

Finger Friends Puppets

Image of Finger Friends Puppets

These Finger Friends  Puppets are craft fun for kids and the

Recycled Craft Carry-All

Image of Recycled Craft Carry All

Show the kids how to make this Recycled Craft Carry-All

Repurposed Jump Rope Dish

Image of Repurposed Jump Rope Dish

This Repurposed Jump Rope Dish helps the kids look at

Puzzle Piece Faces

Image of Puzzle Piece Faces

These Puzzle Piece Faces are an excellent way to recycle

Paper Plate Rooster

Image of Paper Plate Rooster

This Paper Plate Rooster is just one of the many

Winter Olympic Scrap Art

Image of Winter Olympic Scrap Art

You can use one of our patterns for your Winter

Craft Stick Snowman

Image of Craft Stick Snowman

Kids love making snowmen so the FreeKidsCrafts team designed one

Dum Dum Countdown Cookie Pops

Image of Dum Dum Countdown Cookie Pops

The kids will enjoy making and eating these Countdown Cookie

Chocolate M and M Pretzel Buttons

Image of Chocolate M and M Pretzel Buttons

This delightful mix of salt and sweet Chocolate M and

Make Beaded Ornaments

Image of Make Beaded Ornaments

Show the kids how to make beaded ornaments that will

Fabric Tucked Trees

Image of Fabric Tucked Trees

These Fabric Tucked Trees make a great project for the

Button Christmas Card Craft

Image of Button Christmas Card Craft

This Button Christmas Card Craft will bring back memories of

Craftstick Reindeer Ornament

Image of Craftstick Reindeer Ornament

Kids all know about Santa’s reindeer and will have a

Christmas and Holiday Cookie Pops

Image of Christmas and Holiday Cookie Pops

These Holiday Cookie Pops will put a smile on the

Make A Craftstick Sled Ornament

Image of Make A Craftstick Sled Ornament

The kids will love to make these delightful little craftstick

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