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How To Make A Recycled Cardboard Box Desk

This craft probably takes a lot of help from an adult, but the young ones can help with the painting of their own special desk.


Large sturdy cardboard box (ours measured 12 xx 19x 22)

Empty containers (we used 3 playdough cans, a cereal box and a margarine tub)

Box Cutter



Glue Gun

Paint (be creative)




Start out by taping your box shut. This will make it sturdy and easier to cut.

Using the diagram below as a reference, use the box cutter to cut your box so that you have a slanted writing surface. Make sure there is approximately an 8" opening for little legs to fit underneath their "desk".

Trace around your round containers to make a cutting pattern and then cut a half inch inside the lines for your inserts. It is helpful if your containers have a lip to keep them from sliding through. You can always cut away more if you need to.

Tape your cereal box shut and then cut open one of the sides to act as a paper holder. Trace around the cereal box on the long side and cut out the area being sure to leave a flap on the front and the back so you can glue the cereal box to it.

Spread newspapers on your work surface and make sure the "painters" have on paint clothes. Now here's where your little artist can get into the picture and help you paint the desk in their favorite color.

They will have hours of fun creating masterpieces to hang on the refrigerator or frame for their favorite relative.

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