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How To Make A Pinocchio Statue

Craft time is the perfect time for the family to have fun together. Eleven year old contest winner Julia made this adorable Pinocchio statute with a little help from her family. My daughter and I always had fun crafting together and now we enjoy sharing the best crafts with all of you. So take the time to enjoy crafts with your kids. You will create lots of fond memories.

You might like to read one of these tales about Pinocchio aloud to inspire the kids to try this craft:

Pinocchio The Tale of a Puppet by Collodi, Carlo
Adventures of Pinocchio by Collodi, Carlo


- Styrofoam
-Clay (On top of the styrofoam)
-Paint ( skin tone, black, blue and white)
-Wooden stick (nose)

-Body, legs and arms are made of wood.
-Fabric cloth
-Glue gun

NOTE: For the face and body attaching you might need parent help.


Eleven year old Julie shows you How to Make A Pinocchio Statue.

First get a block of wood ( roughly 18 inches x 8 inches) This is your stand.

Get 2 pieces of wood for the feet. 4 inches x 4 inches. You build up from there for the legs.

For the body, you get a block of wood. ( 8' x 5'). Here you will need some help from parents to attach the body to the legs using a glue gun.

For the arms, get 2 pieces of wood 7' x 1' and position them the way you want them. Again get a parent to help glue gun the the way you want them.

Now is the complicated part. You must sculpt Pinocchio's face out of styrofoam. This is the part where the parents do all the work for you unless you want to use a knife. ( To be safe, I would say no) I used a cube block but you can use a sphere if you prefer.

You MUST give the cheeks and hair volume. The top of the head goes higher and the cheeks are roundish. The eyes must dip in.

Once you get the shape that YOU like, put clay over it to give it that smooth surface. This is your time to make the face you like. But don't forget about the nose! You must leave a hole for the wooden stick. Insert the wooden stick into the hole and you have your nose! Just to be on the safe side, put some clay at the base of the nose to make it stick. if you didn't have a volumed hair, then add some more clay the top to make it look more real.

The clay should take 1-2 days to dry. When it's dry, paint the face. The eyes color is blue, and his hair is black.

Paint takes roughly 8 hrs - 1 and a half days to dry.

Now that you have body, here comes the easy part. The clothes. You make the outline designs on some paper, and cut out the designs on the fabric. and once you have all the pieces for the clothes ( hat, shirt, overalls, vest, gloves, shoes etc.)

You should either sow them OR glue them directly onto the wood.
HINT: If you glue the clothing on directly, then give shape like clothes on a doll.

For the gloves and shoes,you stuff them with cotton balls. The shoes are bottom trim of the shoes is glued onto the wood and the gloves slipped onto the wooden arms.

Finally you only have minor things to add! Like 2 buttons on the overalls, a blue strip around the hat and a feather on the hat!

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