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Make A Kangaroo Bag

Show the kids how to Make A Kangaroo Bag as a beginning sewing project. This felt craft is simple and the kids will be proud of their finished craft project.  Your Kangaroo Bag even has a pouch to store little treasures.

Kangaroo Facts: Did you know a male kangaroo is called a boomer, a female kangaroo is called a flyer and A baby kangaroo is called a joey?


Brown felt
Scrap of black felt
Needle and thread
Fabric glue
Yarn (wool)
Wiggle eyes


Print and cut out the pattern. Pin the pieces to the brown felt and cut out. Make sure to cut two tails, arms and legs.

With running stitch sew the pouch to the body. Leave the top open. The pouch is on the front of the body.

Measure some yarn/wool as long as you want your handle to be and add 6 inches spare. Cut 6 (if using chunky yarn) or 9 strips of yarn. Gather the pieces of yarn together and knot one end. Plait the yarn. Knot at the end and trim the loose ends. Stitch the ends of the plait to the back of the body at the head end.

With fabric glue, stick the two legs to the back of the body at the bottom. Glue the two tail pieces together to make a thicker tail. Stick the tail on top of the legs so the end curls up to the head. See the picture below.

Turn the bag over.

Glue the top of the arms to the body so the other ends hang loose over the pouch. Stick on the head. Cut an oval of black felt for the nose. Glue on the nose and eyes. Leave to dry.

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