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Love Fairy

Make this delightful Love Fairy to bring words of love to someone special.


Patio Paint
  DCP07 - Geranium Red
  DCP10 - Summer Sky Blue
  DCP11 - Pot O' Gold
  DCP14 - Cloud White
  DCP41 - Carnation Pink
3/4" flat brush
#3 round brush
Foam plate
3/8" round foam pouncer brush
Black fine tip permanent marker
Mini Quick Curls Doll Hair, FibreCraft Materials #3372-94
Unfinished wood shapes: three 1 3/4" hearts (Lara�s Crafts); two medium teardrop shapes (Forster�s Woodsies); 1 1/4" doll head/knob
Lo-temp glue gun
1.9" and 2.75" terra cotta pots


Use flat brush and Carnation Pink to paint doll head and 2.75" pot; let dry.

Use flat brush and Geranium Red to paint 1.9" pot and teardrop shapes; let dry.

Use flat brush and Snow White to paint two hearts; let dry.

Use flat brush and Pot O' Gold to paint remaining heart and let dry.

Mix two parts Carnation Pink to one part Geranium Red; use pouncer brush to paint two circles for cheeks.

Use round brush and Geranium Red to paint small heart print on Carnation Pink pot and for mouth on doll head; let dry.

Use round brush and Carnation Pink to paint small heart print on Geranium Red pot. Let dry.

Use end of paintbrush handle dipped in Summer Sky Blue to paint two dots for eyes and let dry.

Glue Geranium Red pot over base of rim pot, with pot slanted forward at angle.

Glue doll head/knob on bottom of small pot.

Refer to photo for placement of wings and with bottom tips touching, glue Snow White hearts to back of small pot.

Use black marker to paint words "hugs and kisses" on front of Pot O' Gold heart.

Glue Pot O' Gold heart to front of small pot.

Glue teardrop shapes for arms at sides of small pot, wedging them between wings and heart at front with rounded end upwards.

Glue hair as desired to top, sides, and back of doll head. Let dry.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of DecoArt.com.

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