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Learn How To Do Stained Glass Painting

Everybody loves stained glass and here is an easy way for the kids to Learn How To Do Stained Glass Painting with Karo syrup. Well it is really faux stained glass, but they will love the end result. It’s messy so make sure they are dressed appropriately.

Trivia: Based on remains found at Pompeii and Heraculaneum, stained glass was first used by wealthy Romans in their villas and palaces in the first century A.D.


corn syrup
food coloring
printable stained glass painting sheets


Pour corn syrup on a plate or in a bowl. Mix a small amount of food coloring in the corn syrup.

Give the kids a paint brush and let them lay it on thick. No seriously. It looks better when it is spread on thicker.

It is also best to have them wear an apron, or better yet a swimsuit because it can get messy. It is also a good idea to pull hair back in a ponytail.

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