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Lacy Easter Egg Cards

These Lacy Easter Egg Cards are so easy to make kids can make one for all those special people in their life. Kids love to create their own cards so select a few special people to be the lucky recipients. Too many handmade cards and it becomes a chore, so choose those who will appreciate it the most.

Trivia: The tradition of sending Easter postcards to relatives and friends developed during the end of the 19th century. During the year 1898, there were only a few cards sent. In the beginning monochrome as well as colored Easter postcards were printed. Most of the time, the center of the cards contained an oversized egg.


Cardstock or Heavy paper
Colored paper
Cut up doilies


To make these Lacy Easter Cards, print two copies, one for the card, the other for the overlay. Cut the pictured rectangle on the solid lines to make a pattern for the card.

Fold an 8 1/2” by 11”sheet of colored paper. Line the template with the bottom edge of the paper, long side on the fold. Trace and cut.

Take the second sheet and cut along the dotted lines. This is the overlay which is slightly smaller than the card. Neatly cut around the edges of the egg.

Cut designs from the doily, slightly larger then the egg opening. Tape to the reverse side of the overlay, wrong side of the doily facing you. Turn over to see if you're satisfied with your design, then carefully place the overlay over the colored card, making sure that the distances from all edges are equal. Glue in place.

Tip: For a young child you might want to have the card and overlay ready to go, and have the child just add  the doily to the overlay. Use several layers of doily for greater effect.

Kabubble also has envelope directions for your cards. http://kabubble.com/envelope.htm

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