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Japanese Origami Dolls

Barbara has done these Japanese Origami dolls with fifth grade. She suggests working through at least one yourself first to work out any problem areas. If you would like to see more samples of this lesson plan go to  http://www.incredibleart.org/files/Japan.htm


Each doll will require the following precut pieces:
1-12” x 18” wrapping paper kimono
1- 2” x 5” wrapping paper neck piece
1-11” x 4 1/2” wrapping paper sash
1- 6” x 19” wrapping paper back sash
1- 12” x 12” construction paper kimono
1- 9” x 12” black construction paper for hair


Trace and cut:
Head /torso shape from manilla tag

Hair from black construction paper - Fold black construction paper in half and trace hair shape. Cut. One hair piece will have a rectangle cut from it to expose face as shown on pattern piece. Set aside.

Glue 12” x 12” construction paper to back of 12” x 18” wrapping paper.

Fold top to within 1 inch of solid color construction paper square.

Fold top back 3/4 inch on to good side. Set aside.

Neck Piece:
Fold 2” x 5” piece of paper in half.
Glue neck piece of the doll form crossing piece over on the front of the doll.

Kimono Construction:
Place doll on figure 3 on the wrong side. Fold upper left corner down across body along the stiff tag board edge.

Repeat with right side folding upper right corner down across body along stiff tag board edge.
Fold bottom of kimono along cardboard edge on left side.
Hold the left side down firmly and repeat the fold to the right side.
Fold bottom of kimono back matching the angle of the cardboard (right side only). Tack with glue.

Using 11” x 4 1/2 “ wrapping paper, fold 1/4” over on the top long edge and on the bottom long edge of the rectangle to the wrong side.
Fold sash to fit doll. Glue in place on the back.
Back Drape of Kimono:
Fold 6” x 19” paper in half.
Fold in half
Attach back drape on back of kimono with drop of glue at base of head and on back of doll.

Fold black construction paper in half and trace outside of hair pattern.
Cut out.
As indicated on pattern, cut a rectangle out of 1 hair piece to expose face.
Glue to the front of the doll and to the back of doll, sandwiching the head.

This craft was designed by Barbara Boville, of Mac Arthur Elementary School, Geeen Bay, Wisconsin.

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