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Hula Lei

Leis or flower garlands are traditional tokens of welcome given to visitors and friends in the Polynesian islands. They’re also used to accent a hula dancer’s costume in the form of necklaces, headpieces, bracelets and anklets. Let the kids make this craft and give a wonderful Island party.


Elastic string or ordinary string
Colored paper or craft foam
Drinking straws
Hole punch


Hula leis can be worn as necklaces, headpieces, bracelets or anklets. Decide which ones you want to make and cut the appropriate length of string. Make a knot on one end of your string.

Draw and cut flower shapes from colored paper or craft foam. We also have a template that you can print and cut out. For a bracelet or anklet, you may need 6 to 8 flowers; for a necklace or headpiece, you may need around 16 to 20 flowers.

Draw and cut leaf shapes from green paper or craft foam. The leaves should be slightly larger than the flowers. Make the same number of pieces as the flowers.

Punch a hole through the center of each flower and leaf. Make sure that the hole is big enough for the string to get through.

Cut drinking straws into 1-inch pieces. You\\'ll need approximately the same number as the flowers.

String the pieces together in this order: straw, flower and leaf.

When you\\'ve strung enough pieces, make a knot right after the last piece.

If you\\'re using an elastic string you can tie both ends of the string together to complete the lei.
If you\\'re using ordinary string, knot both ends as you wear the lei.

You may also use other materials besides paper or craft foam. This lei was made using filter paper flowers. 

Now you can put on your island get-up!

This craft is reprinted courtesy of FirstPalette.com.

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