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Highland Cow

Highland Cows look a little different from the cows we are used to seeing in the USA. One of our Scottish friends was kind enough to send us this craft and it could be a fun starting place to explore Scotland. We’ve posted a picture of a real Highland cow at the bottom of the craft so you can see the real thing.


Funky foam – beige colour
Scrap of fur fabric – brown or black
Tartan ribbon
Strip magnets or small hosepipe or badge pins
Tacky Glue (from craft shops) or hot glue gun
2 googly eyes
Black pen or scrap of black felt


1) Trace round the head and horns shape in the foam and cut out. Draw the nose onto the foam and cut out. Draw the head shape onto the fur and cut out, and put the pile of the fabric going the same way as the arrow on the pattern

2) Take a piece of the ribbon and stick onto the foam near the bottom of the

     head shape.

3) Glue the fur fabric onto the head.

4) Stick the eyes and the nose onto the fabric. Then either draw two black dots onto the nose for the nostrils or stick two small circles of black felt.

5) Attach a small piece of strip magnet onto the back to be used as a fridge    

    magnet.  A small piece of hosepipe or similar could be stuck onto the back to create a woggle, or a badge pin to create a brooch.  This could also be stuck onto fabric or craft wood stick to make a bookmark.

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Image of Highland Cow


Image of Fiona MacKintosh
Fiona MacKintosh

My name is Fiona MacKintosh and I live in the Highlands of Scotland, outside the city of Inverness.  The area I live in is known as the Black Isle, and it is a very beautiful area full of hills and rivers and lots of lovely fresh air.    I love playing about with crafts and enjoy making greeting cards and working with any kind of papercrafts. I have been active in Girlguiding in this area for nearly 30 years and currently work with our local Brownie pack.

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