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Halloween Spider

It’s time to bring out all the creepy crawly decorations from years gone past and to craft some new ones to make the kids squeel even louder than ever. The FreeKidsCrafts team has put on its scariest thinking cells and created this Halloween Spider for your crafting fun.


5 Black Pipe Cleaners

13 Black Pony Beads

32 Orange Pony Cleaners



Click on Printables to see an illustrated diagram for bead placement.

Slide 7 black pony beads to the middle of a black pipe cleaner. Fold in half. Slide both ends through another pony bead, pushing it up to the other beads. This will form the back section of the spider.

Fold two pipe cleaners in half and push through the last bead strung.

Slide three black pony beads on one end.

Slide two black pony beads on the other end and then through the third bead on the other side to form the head.

Wrap a pipe cleaner above and a pipe cleaner below the middle bead.

Trim the escess pipe cleaner used to form the head bending the ends to secure the beads.

String four orange beads on each each leg. Shape the legs

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2 thoughts on
“Halloween Spider”

  1. Lori Jane Perdew says:

    I believe that you meant 32 orange pony beads instead of 32 orange pipe cleaners, right?

    1. Betty Bose says:

      Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention. I have corrected the post.

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Image of Halloween Spider


Image of The FreeKidsCrafts Team
The FreeKidsCrafts Team

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