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Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

We’ve all made the Chinese Lanterns, but here is a fun way to make it into a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern.


Orange construction paper
Black marker


Glue Stick

Tin Foil (optional)


Take your piece of orange construction paper, measure 1 inch from one of the sides. Cut this off and put aside for the handle.

With the rest of your paper, measure (on the back side) 1 inch around all four sides. Draw a border around. This will be our guide for the slits.

On the front side, draw a big jack-o-lantern face in the center of your paper. Keep in mind this face needs to stay within that border you drew on the back.

Flip your paper back over and on the back, measure 1 inch slits across and cut from the top to bottom border.

Fold the paper in half. Folding from top to bottom, so the crease is horizantal (opposite your slits).

Roll the paper into a tube and glue where two side borders meet.

Glue a handle on top - you can use the piece you cut off your page originally or some string.

Jazz It Up!! Line the inside with tin foil. This will cause your jack-o-lantern to light up when the sun, or light, hits it.

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