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Halloween Cannisters

Halloween is one of the most popular hollidays. These fun Yarn Decorated recycled cannisters are sure to liven up the activities.


Red Heart® Super Saver®:

  1 Skein 254 Pumpkin C for each Jack-o-Lantern

  1 Skein each 368 Paddy Green A and 358 Lavender B for Witch. 
White craft glue

Small brush

Hot glue gun and sticks


Optional paint to match face color and pom pom maker.

Jack-o-Lantern Canister:

18 or 42 ounce oatmeal canister with lid – empty and clean

Black and green felt

Imitation leaf spray.

Witch Canister:

3 pound coffee can with plastic lid – empty and clean

1/3 yd black felt

Scraps of yellow felt

Two ½“ black pom poms.



**Paint label of canister if desired and let dry. Brush on glue along lower 1” of can. Wrap Pumpkin yarn along edge and around canister, having each round of yarn touching the previous round but not overlapping. Continue to brush on glue and wrap yarn to within ¼” of top edge, leaving top ¼” free to
allow lid to fit. Cut yarn.**

Click on printables and using patterns, cut facial features from black felt and glue in place as pictured.

top: Trace circumference of canister lid onto center of  green felt. Mark 1¼” for small canister or 1½” for large canister all around the outside of this circle and cut out the larger circle. Cut out triangular shapes to within ¼” of
center circle to form jagged edge. Glue to lid top and side edges. Glue leaves to center of lid top.

Work same as Jack-o-lantern from ** to ** with Green yarn.

Cut out felt facial features and glue to can over yarn as pictured. Make a 2” pom pom from a for nose. Using hot glue gun, glue nose pom pom and black eye pom poms in place.

Hair: Cut 60 lengths of Lavendar  each 28” long; tie together at center with a separate length of yarn. Cut 60 lengths of Lavendar each 20” long; tie together 5” from one end with a separate ength of yarn. Glue tied area of first bundle to center of can lid. Spread strands to cover opposite quarters of lid and glue in place. Repeat with second bundle, gluing tied area to first tied area and spreading strands to cover remaining 2 quarters of lid; glue. The short strands become the bangs of the witch’s hair. Trim.

Hat: Cut a 12” diameter full circle and an 18” diameter half circle from black felt. Glue circle over hair on lid. Overlap straight edges of half circle several inches to form a cone for top of hat. Trim excess felt; glue overlapped edges. Center open edge of cone over top of hat and glue.

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